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The Penis Diamond ring Which will Maintain A person Not Peaceful

It sounds like a pretty straightforward case of a woman and her bloke getting caught getting hot and heavy in the back seat of a Buick Regal. The cop had chutzpah, though. He opened the back seat and asked the naked couple what they were doing. As if that wasnt obvious. The man responded to the cop by saying Im f***ing this chick.

What makes this story funny. The man was 43 and the chick was 71.Yes, he called a septuagenarian a chick.

They were arrested for indecent exposure since a fairly large group of people in a restaurant saw they. Dear Fails to See the Humor:There’s too sensitive and then there’s wouldn’t know a joke if it threw anatomically correct snowballs in your face. Instead of freaking out over nothing, you should treat this as important learning experience for your daughter. After all, it’s better for her to figure out these kinds of things now than at her first college frat party.

And snowpeople make much better sex ed figures than birds and bees – provided kids realize that STDs and unwanted pregnancies don’t just melt away on the next sunny day. Frosty’s magic hat even makes an excellent euphemism for condoms. And just imagine what you could with the whole carrot nose angle…

Moving on to what’s truly important here – anatomically correct snowpeople. As seasons go his may also be the case in blue collar occupations.Bottom Line: Mmmmmmmm wicked... what? However, the staggering amount of questions this gas mask raises, rather than answers, is more than enough to add it to the list.8. Vibrating Pleasure PeriscopeThis one makes it onto the worst sex toy of the decade list for several reasons. Firstly, it's a vibrator but not a very powerful one. Secondly, it's a light but not a very powerful one.

Thirdly, it's a periscope but not a very powerful one.Now, I'm not saying that if it did work, I'd want to take it deep sea diving with me, but you would hope that it did at least one of these things reasonably well in order to illicit a response other than 'wtf?'9. Designer Willy WarmersNot just any willy warmers but designer ones, I'll have you know!Don't do it lads, not even as a joke. It's the equivalent of a woman wearing a talking thong with Jimmy Saville on.10. Deluxe Rabbit Thruster VibratorMost 'thrusting' sex toys rarely live up to the expectations but this one was spectacularly rubbish. Not only did it barely thrust but the amount of noise it made whilst doing so was almost off the scale.They were also notorious for stopping working at the crucial moment too.

Avoid theThrusterand you'll be much happier for your decision!Disagree? Have your own worst sex toy of the decade to add to the list?Let us know!

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